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Welcome To Thought Leader Path

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Core Key Module 1

Complete The Core Program Module 1 to get this item. It can be used to open treasures!

Getting there

Accumulate 100 coins

1 Required Step

  • Collected 100 coins

Fast and Furious

10 TLP Coins

Complete 10 Lessons in 1 Day

1 Required Step

  • Complete 10 courses in a single day.


5 Points

Click on 300 buttons.

1 Required Step

  • You've pressed a lot of buttons

Quiz Ace

22 TLP Coins

You've managed to get no wrong answers on your 10 most recent quizzes.

1 Required Step

  • You ace quizzes like a pro.

Social Media Master

25 TLP Coins

Complete the Facebook and Linkedin Courses.

Daily visitor

15 Points

Log in to your account each day for one week.

1 Required Step

  • Log in every day for one week

Eagle Eye

100 TLP Coins

Awarded for discovering a bug in the system and reporting it to the admin.

Linkedin insider

10 TLP Coins

You've completed the Linkedin social-media course

Facebook Guru

10 TLP Coins

You've completed the Facebook social-media course.

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